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MiniMonos – Easter and updates!

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Hello Monkeys!

I’m here to tell you about all of the updates that happened yesterday on MiniMonos. Some are Easter- related, some are pirate-related and some are just plain awesome!

3 As soon as you login, go to Butterfly Meadow, and find the Easter basket waiting there. Walk over to it and click it to be able to use some awesome powers!

Once you click on the basket, a little window will pop up:


Click yes and now you can do the Eggs Forever and Egg Hunt powers! Eggs Forever makes a parrot fly across your screen, dropping eggs! Here is what that look’s like animated:

6 Even MORE awesomer than that, is what happens when a monkey uses the Egg Hunt power! Every monkey in the room turns into an EGG, except for the person that said it, who turns into a BUNNY! Then the bunny can chase the eggs! If the bunny manages to catch an egg, the egg turns back into a monkey. 😀 It’s super fun! See if you can catch those eggs!


Now on to the PIRATE updates! MiniMonos has updated the special catalog, and there are now PIRATE costumes! Here is what one looks like on my monkey!

Awesome! This suit can be bought in 6 different colors. The ninja and butterfly suits are gone! 😦 But on the up side, now every monkey that has a ninja suit now might become RARE! WOOT!

Parrot2And the last piratey update is something really cool! MiniMonos has added a new parrot robot! It looks really awesome, and just like a normal parrot but a robot! Its name is the CPT Flint 1001 & it flies around behind you!.To get one, visit Einstein’s Lab! 🙂


MiniMonos has improved our playercards! There is also a new “shout out” section in the news tab of our journals! Go to the news tab then click on the speaker with lightning symbol and you will see a list of shout outs from monkeys! Also whenever a monkey gets a new belt in Monkey Fist, or creates a pet at Einstein’s Lab, the monkey get’s it written in the Shout Out box automatically! Cool 😀

Another update in the player cards is the updated buddy section! You can now make a monkey your best buddy so that they show on a separate list, and you can see if they are online easier! Woot! You can also see who your recent buddies are (who you have just added)! Awesome!

10 Also MiniMonos has added a photos tab to all monkey player cards, so even if a monkey is not your friend, you can see the photos that they have taken with their MiniMonos camera! Here is what it looks like on Zinky’s player card! And you can now see how old your monkey is and how many friends you have when you click on your player card!

OMG these updates have been BANANAMAZING! SUPER SUPER DUPER AWESOME! WHAT DO YOU THINK MONKEYS? I LOVE THESE UPDATES! Awesome job Dev Team, for making these awesome updates all the time! You really rock 😀 Thanks again MiniMonos team!

So, monkeys, what do YOU think about all of these bananamazing updates? What is your favorite? What could be better?  Leave your thoughts below!

Author: Tommypp

Hey Everyone! I'm Tommypp, I live in New Zealand. I hope you're enjoying the website as we try to update it as often as we can! I hope you have a lovely stay and see you soon, on MiniMonos!

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