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Hello Monkeys!

April 1st is MiniMonos’ birthday!  So we’re celebrating by launching MiniMonos out of beta with a whole, humongous WEEK of parties!!!  We’re calling it the MiniMonos Beta Bananaza!

Starting April 1, it’s 7 bananamazing days filled with beta parties, MiniMonos world launch t-shirts, awesome activities, crazy contests, surprise giveaways, and super-rare beta items. 

Each day on Go Bananas we’ll be asking monkeys to guess the theme of each day’s Beta Bananaza party!


NOTE: This should just auto – update, althouth, we seem to be having problems with this due to an unexpected error and you may have noticed that the minimonos tracker’s arn’t working ever!


Okay, although they normaly don’t auto – update which si really annoying! I will still put the trackers here so you are able to find famous monkeys!

Tommypp Tracker! 

 Status – Offline

Server – N/A

Room – N/A


Nzboy2009 Tracker!

Status- Offline

Server- N/A

Room- N/A


EcoMom Tracker!

Status – Offline

Server – N/A

Room – N/A

Manx Tracker!

Status – Offline

Server – N/A

Room – N/A

Bananatastic Tracker!

Status – Offline

Server – N/A

Room – N/A


Alright! I hope those trackers work!

Best Bananas,

~Tommypp~ MiniMonos Time Owner!


Author: Tommypp

Hey Everyone! I'm Tommypp, I live in New Zealand. I hope you're enjoying the website as we try to update it as often as we can! I hope you have a lovely stay and see you soon, on MiniMonos!

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