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See you for now….

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Hey as you know I am going to America on 10 march this will be my final post until I get to America when I get there I will do my best to post June July and August I think I cant post but like I said I will do my best I am planning to create blog so I can show my real life experience that will include my real name where I born etc but I am still not sure if I should maybe if you can comment before 10 march 2011 I can decide for now enjoy minimons hope to see you soon I got new penguin called sonicwizard if you see it add it nzboy2009 is still available and I am not quiting club penguin tommypp please dont remove me from website because I am not leaving forever

See you for now…….




Waddle on!


Author: nzboy2009

Los Angeles best place in world ^^nzboy2009^^

One thought on “See you for now….

  1. Follow me on twitter so I can talk to you

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