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Thinking I’m going to quit

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Hey guys! Naco 45 here.
Ive had internet for a month now and i’ve been busy, and haven’t looked at the website for a while…
I’m sorry to say but.. I think it’s time for me to say goodbye..

Tommypp please don’t remove me from your website I may decide to come back..
It’s been a true honor to work on a CP blog..
If you guys are party penguins.. you can go on to club pengun today at 5:00 PST or now for a prep party at 5:00 PST and just have a goodbye party..
Thank you guys for your support!!!

Until next time,
This is Naco 45 signing off…..


One thought on “Thinking I’m going to quit

  1. Bye my yummy nacho. Gonna miss ya bro!!

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