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Coin Code Contest Winner!

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Greetings Penguins! It’s time for the winner of the coin code contest to be announced! I would like to say some wise words first. All of you were great! It was really hard to decide. But I have chosen a penguin. Not to classy or anything this penguin chose. This penguin was great, just like everyone else. The winner is…

~ Lina Ergr ~

This is what Lina Ergr had to say…

it would be a donut what you could keep in your hand. in the donut
there would be pink icing, every color sprinkles and chocolate
sauce in it! 😀 everyone would get it from anniversary party for free. 🙂

Don’t worry! This is just the start.



Author: Mkmatthewmk

An average teenage boy who enjoys blogging.

One thought on “Coin Code Contest Winner!

  1. Oh thank you so much!! 🙂 Im so happy that you liked my idea. Thanks! =)

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