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Nzboy2009 Birthday

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NOTE: All Northern Hemisphere penguins, for you the party will be on January 31, which will be Febuary 1 for Southern Hemisphere penguins!

Hey everyone awesome news for you my birthday party coming up on 1 February 2011 my penguin turning 3 years old to celebrate my birthday party I decide it to make membership giveaway and little party,here all details about my birthday

Membership giveaways

I made a form so you can put your penguin name and email address and why do you want free membership and I chuck you on draw to win one month membership we will announce winner at the end of February because we only have 2 people completing the form (we need as much people to complete this for)

Nzboy2009 Birthday Party 2011

Date-February 1

Time-4:30 NZ time,2:30 Aussie time, 7:30 CP time

Server- Husky (if gets full we will change it)


Who will come- Nzboy2009 at this point but hope team tommy can come as well

If you in Aussie and you cant come to the party because of school please comment and let me know so we can decide another party for you



Author: nzboy2009

Los Angeles best place in world ^^nzboy2009^^

One thought on “Nzboy2009 Birthday

  1. I am coming to your party i dont care about free membership

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