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Meet Rockhopper before its too late!

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Rockhopper is leaving soon and some of you didn’t meet him  here is tips how to find him before he goes back

Use our 100% tracker to look for his locations he can be on 2-5 different servers its takes time so dont be angry if you cant find him go into the room where tracker says the room is usually full so go back 5 times and if you cant get into the room look at our tracker again if people say Rockhopper is in town where our trackers show he is in plaza dont believe them because the just want you to leave.Rockhopper is red penguin with black beard if you see penguin saying I am Rockhopper dont believe them because Rockhopper is rarest penguin and no one can copy his items here is me meeting Rockhopper in 2010 Christmas party

Rockhopper is leaving soon hope you can find him before new background released

See you!

Happy Christmas eve Holiday!



Author: nzboy2009

Los Angeles best place in world ^^nzboy2009^^

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