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Club Penguin Updates

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Hello today club penguin had a update a new easter egg hunt and rooms update there waiting for big event on 25 November 2010 Also you be able to pick up a free basket hat at the snow forts and if you go to Dojo you be able to see the new water Dojo coming.

Here is picture of town.

This is all for now.

Leave comment if you like the town update


Author: nzboy2009

Los Angeles best place in world ^^nzboy2009^^

One thought on “Club Penguin Updates

  1. I think this is pretty cool. At first i thought it was for the Easter hunt because
    I clicked the barrel and said easter hunt. Then the more I moved room to room I
    understood what was going on. It’s for a big barrel for the Water hideout like in
    the fire hideout.

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