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Water Card Jitsu Update!!!!!


Hey every one Naco here….
This will be my only post until I’m done with updates but I HAD to post this. Many of you have probably been wondering when The new Water Card Jitsu us going to come out. Well here it is. (I got this photo from a Jitsu Card)

SPOILER!!!!: I recommend you do not look at this if you are willing to wait for a surprise that is VERY soon. I’m not stopping you but I would wait.

The message says, “You’ll be able to redeem this code Nov. 25. Please come back then…”

Oh my gosh!!!! Look at how soon that’s is.

I am requesting Disney for some pictures so look out for some when I done updating the site. Hope you enjoy the updates and this post!

See you later!

Naco 45


3 thoughts on “Water Card Jitsu Update!!!!!

  1. Naco the card came out already it wont work tho i already knew about it from a friend…

  2. I know that the Water Card Jitsu wont work Pengy2000 but i guess we will have to wait.

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