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Website Editing

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Hello penguins!

Naco 45 here……. And today your going to learn some cool new stuff!

These are basicly some HuGe(yes its all werid) UPDATES!!!!!!!! (Yay)

Since i joined i would like to make the website better.

Sadly there are going to be some ad’s (for free meberships and more!!!……)(We may not even have ad’s)

Ton of page editing! And backround issues.

The header is great we are going to keep it.

Notice the diffrence in size on chat?

Have you seen the youtube, twitter and facebook page yet? Its awsome!!!

But the good news is the website is going to be better!!!

If you see some penguins on Club Penguin saying our blog, then join in! If we see you we, might just give you a free mebership!(Rember free mebership’s happen if we get some ad’s on this page)

Thank you for hanging in with us on the Updates Tour.

We probbaly wont be posting for a while (Well i probbaly wont because im editing!)

The editing probbaly will take a while too do so hold on!

See you later!

-Naco 45


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