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i might quit only because im getting no views while tommypp gets alot only because he met chrisdog im not famous so



9 thoughts on “Quiting

  1. thanks but this poll was a test to see if anybody will respond i see alot of people come here sigh as i’m kinda sad that people come here instead of bye
    i need these people to help me not quit:

    Tommypp (watch he wont respond)
    And Others (watch your not going to respond)


  2. I will respond and guess what i want you too stay! PLease Stay Pengy20000!


  3. i Responded :). PLZ stay pengy2000!
    Your an awsome dude so please stay!
    You make some awsome posts (its just that alot of people dont know about this blog) Trust me i just joined and i got no views yet. And it doesnt matter if u met chrisdog(although tht would be cool) I could probbaly get him to meet u. Im good freidns of his. Plz stay! (Were trying to get people to come to the blog)

  4. That sound awsome! I have a little heads up. Im going to make a private (no one can see but the staff (you have to lof in first tho) ) So we can tlk about some upcoming so so no one will get any rumours out. I will want to meet you all on main chat this weekend. bye!

  5. Try and get J0sh95 😛
    But ok 😀

  6. Hey tommy plz go to chat

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